Macheta 1:18 Talbot-Lago Coupé T150 C-SS Figoni & Falaschi "Teardrop", 1937

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Macheta la scara 1:18 ce reprezinta modelul Talbot-Lago Coupé T150 C-SS Figoni & Falaschi "Teardrop", anul 1937.

Ansamblat si produs manual in Germania din peste 1300 piese. Atentie uimitoare la detalii. Precizie extraordinara. Parti mobile si functionale, interior mochetat, directie functionala, scaune de piele/textil, capota, portbagaj mobile.

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•    Hand-assembled precision metal model, built from 1,307 single parts
•    True-to-scale, authentic replication of the “Teardrop”-bodywork, customized by the renowned French coachbuilders Figoni & Falaschi
•    Precisely designed vehicle-frame as metal construction
•    Openable engine-hood with real air-vents. Supporting rod keeps the engine-hood in opened position
•    True to the original, distinctive front end with headlights recessed into the bodywork and arranged behind a chromium-plated metal grid. Perfectly designed cooler grill made of metal
•    Functional metal-sunroof, easy to open
•    Elaborate, side body trim strips made of metal
•    Form-fitting cover of the rear wheels with crescent shaped fender skirts
•    Movable doors
•    Highly detailed replication of the 6-cylinder in-line engine with  all aggregates, pipes and cabling
•    Perfectly-wired wheels with a light alloy rim, stainless steel spokes and nipples, Removable two-wing central locking nuts
•    Trunk lid has supporting rods on both sides and opens to reveal a removable spare-wheel
•    Seat bench and foldable backrest upholstered with leather
•    Meticulous replication of the dashboard with all instruments and controls
•    Elaborate undercarriage with an authentically-replicated powertrain
•    Brilliant paintwork in a contemporary greyish-blue color-shade



•    Lightweight chassis with short wheel base 
•    4-liter 6-cylinder in-line engine
•    Wilson 4-speed pre-selector gearbox 
•    Single-wheel-suspension with transverse leave spring in the front
•    Rear axle with longitudinal leaf-springs
•    Bowden-cable drum-brakes all around


3,996 cc

Maximum output:

depending on the model between 140 and 160 hp at 4,200 rpm

Top speed:

approx. 185 km/h

Track front: 

1,360 (1,372) mm

Track rear:

1,360 (1,461) mm


2,650 mm

Construction period/quantity: 

1937-1939; 16 pcs.